I believe intelligent communication has the power to change the world.

I’ve been working in the engine room of consumerism for 25 years now. That’s partly something I am proud of and partly something, I must admit, I’ve struggled with too.

During my twenty-five year stretch to date, I’ve worked with all kinds of clients from many different sectors – everything from children’s charities to crisps. Every one has been a new challenge and a journey. Not only into the problems faced by others, but also a journey into myself.

It might sound a bit pompous, and I dare say it’s a bit of a cliché, but I’ve learned a lot about life and the way people behave by studying how they make decisions and perceive the world.

Equally, I’ve learned an awful lot about myself. I have learned to justify my stint in the engine room of consumerism by thinking about it like this. Advertising is neither inherently good nor evil. Instead, it’s a bit like electricity. It can both kill and save lives. It really depends on what you do with it. On the rare occasions that I talk to young students hoping to get into this business, I often remind them, and myself, of this.

I truly believe that we, as people, can overcome our biggest challenges if we put our minds to it. And I believe that intelligently planned communication can win hearts and minds and help bring about that change.

All of us, clients and agencies alike, should remember this enormous opportunity – every time we lift a pencil or begin to tap on a keyboard.

As for my CV, well if you’re one for dates and lists you’ll find me, and it, on LinkedIn. Thanks for reading.

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